Your Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Astros Viewing Party

Is your Texas home full of die-hard baseball fans? There is no better way to bring your friends and family together than with the ultimate Astros viewing party. Check out these steps to hosting the perfect Astros event! It is as easy as one, two, three!

1. Grab Your Decorations

Make your home the ultimate Astros fan base with the right color scheme. Everything from your plates and plastic ware to tablecloths, banners and cups can bring the team spirit to your party.

Decorations are not only for the walls or tables, though. Have your guests rock the Astros look by wearing their best white, navy and orange. They can even represent their favorite player by sporting their jersey number!

2. Plan the Menu

No sporting event is complete without some tasty food to snack on while cheering for your favorite team—your Houston Astros viewing party is the perfect time to break out all your favorite finger foods. Stick to classics like pizza, hot dogs or chips and dip, or opt for some unique recipes you and your guests can enjoy while keeping up with the big game.

  • Appetizers: Try tasty, chip-friendly appetizers like Buffalo Chicken Dip, Ques o or S pinach and Artichoke dip to give your guests some snacks they can easily grab during the game. You can also set out classic fare like peanuts and popcorn to make the fans feel like they are right in the stadium—there are many delicious recipes available online for hosts looking to serve a more gourmet version of these tried and true treats.
  • Main Dish: For the main course, add a unique spin to a ballpark favorite with these Mini Brat Corn Dogs paired with a delicious cheddar beer sauce. Sliders are also an easy main course for your guests to carry around as they mingle and chat about all the action. Set out these Ha waiian Ham and Cheese Sliders for a unique and mobile option, or stick to classic beef sliders complete with all the fixings.
  • Dessert: Round out your baseball themed party with some creative desserts! Bring the ballpark into your home by making baseball cookies complete with your favorite player’s number as decoration. Baseball cake pops are another simple, on-theme dessert that will surely be a home run with your guests.

Do not forget the drinks! Be sure to have an array of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on hand so every Astros fan can enjoy a cold beverage with the game. Setting up a designated drink station will help ensure everyone can see what options are available and help guests find or make their drinks easily.

3. Setup and Preparation

When setting up for your party, be sure to include enough seating around your TV so everyone can see the action. While some guests may opt to stand or mill around, you will want to make sure there is space for everyone to keep them comfortable. Setting out trash cans around the party area will also help guests easily dispose of their plates, cups and utensils without having to search or risk missing the game—this will also make your cleanup much easier.

Be sure to prepare any food you plan to serve in advance to maximize your time with your guests and prevent you from missing an inning. Additionally, set drinks on ice at least a half-hour before guests arrive to ensure they are nice and chilled before the first pitch.

If you plan on hosting your party in multiple spaces, such as an indoor/outdoor event, try to have a TV available to keep everyone plugged into the action. You can also set up games outside, like this team-themed hook and ring set or corn hole, to add some fun to your seventh-inning stretch.

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