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Staging a Home for Sale

October 13, 2017

Sometimes the toughest part of selling a home is assuring your new audience that they can and should be able to see themselves living there. You want your clients to be...

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10 Habits of Successful Agents to Adopt Right Now

October 4, 2017

Success is a tricky concept to pin down for any business professional. For some it might mean achieving status and respect in your professional community. Others might be more concerned with...

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5 Tips for Real Estate Agents Looking to Close a Sale

August 25, 2017

Follow these closing techniques and sales tips to sell more homes As a real estate agent, the process of guiding a buyer through purchasing a home can be as arduous and...

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7 Questions for Real Estate Agents Interviewing Potential Buyers

July 31, 2017

Asking these questions helps set expectations and create better buying experiences If you are in the real estate business—or have been on the market yourself—you know that the internet is full...

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A Foolproof Method for Touring Model Homes

July 21, 2017

This five-step methodology will help you get the most from model home tours Close your eyes and imagine what your future home will look like. What do you see? A deep...

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4 Effective Digital Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

June 20, 2017

When real estate is already a lightning-quick battlefield, it is important to get ahead of the competition in any professional way possible. In some real estate markets, the time between discovery...

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