Get Inspired With These 5 Holiday Table Decor Ideas

The holiday season truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Between the gifts and the parties and the food, this time of year is all about family, fun—and decor. One of the best parts about hosting holiday dinners is getting to plan your dining room table spread. Will you go traditional or modern? Use the classic china or pick up something new and fun? This year is all about making the holidays all your own, so we discovered five table setting options that are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

First things first: Setting the course(s) and tone

The type of dinner party and food you serve will help set the tone for the entire evening and steer you in the right direction for place settings and centerpieces. If it will be a formal evening affair with adults only, you may want to veer more toward candlelight and elegance. A family reunion-style dinner that includes guests young and old will likely be more casual, but that does not mean style has to go out the window. The following five themes have the capability to be dressed up or down, depending on your preference.

Silver and sleek

Glimmers of silver pop up in many holiday decor schemes, thanks to the sparkling, elegant grace it adds to any setting. Pair it with white to invoke visions of glittering snow and icicles.

Try incorporating natural elements, such as pine cones covered in frosted white paint. It’s the perfect way to bring the beauty of winter into your home. This outdoor theme can be complemented with white or silver candles. Your existing fine white china works beautifully with this centerpiece, allowing you to create a lovely seasonal table with just a few small wintry touches.

Cozy candle glow

Candles are more than just a way to bring the scent of ginger or peppermint into your home this holiday season. You can use candles as a centerpiece and create a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. You can display them in candle holders that are warm with a soft autumn glow, clear with accentuating adornments, or even simply arrange them openly on a tray. Whether you choose to use a real or fake cluster of candles, this centerpiece allows you to capture your own style and match the decor of your room.

A pop of color

Make your holiday table setting uniquely your own by injecting some lively color into it. Blue is a popular color this season and can be personalized by adding in various shades of light and dark blue. You can also capture a more sophisticated look with this navy and gold theme. Or go more modern and fun with pops of turquoise and light blue. You can go brighter by adding pink and purple and get stunning centerpieces such as this one.

Rustic and natural

Since the holidays occur in the winter, it can be fun to liven up the table with some woodsy, rustic touches that reflect the outdoors. This centerpiece brings in everything you would find in a modern, rustic home—natural woods, metal and understated touches—and tweaks it just enough so it carries holiday ambiance. For the natural look, you do not even need a large centerpiece to carry the theme. Run greens or garland down the center of the table with candles or even accents such as pinecones for an inviting look.

Winter garden

From berries and mistletoe to poinsettias and evergreen, the holiday season abounds with the natural beauty of the outdoors. It is so ingrained in the atmosphere that the scents instantly carry us to moments of joy and celebration. Instead of just utilizing small accents here and there—mistletoe hanging from a doorway; a poinsettia plant in the corner—make it the central theme of your table setting. This centerpiece lights up the table with natural yet unique handmade mason jars.

We hope this inspires you to go beyond the typical holiday table decor settings. If you are still searching for a home for the holidays, check out the homes that are available now in Perry Homes’ neighborhoods across Texas.