Get Ready for These 2020 Interior Design Trends

The new year is officially here! Is adding a fresh new design to your home one of your resolutions? We have compiled a list of the 2020 interior design trends that can help you bring your house into the new decade. Find your new go-to design element today!

The Rise of Natural

Natural is a huge buzzword this year. From utilizing natural materials like wood to decorating with colors that mimic the great outdoors, organic is in. Homes are becoming less about polish and perfection and more about functionality and a welcoming atmosphere. Natural, comfortable designs will have your guests feeling right at home.

Natural designs go beyond just color, though. Many homeowners are opting to bring the outdoors inside their homes, incorporating greenery into indoor spaces. This trend, known as biophilic design, can include plants strategically placed throughout a room or more unique applications like a greenery wall as a divider or an indoor/outdoor garden. Adding plenty of natural light will not only brighten a space, but it will also help plants grow.


As mentioned above, natural designs will be a major theme in 2020. This will be heavily reflected in the year’s most popular color choice: green—not just any green, though. WGSN, a trend forecasting organization in London, has predicted that the fashion industry’s favorite 2019 color will be taking the interior design world by storm. Neo Mint, a fresh green shade reflecting the marriage of natural elements with modern technology, will be a pillar of this year’s comfortable and relaxing aesthetic.

Soft yellows and navy blue are also predicted to be popular colors appearing throughout this year’s most notable interior design themes.

Bold Patterns

While this may not be a new addition to an interior designer’s toolbelt, geometric prints are expected to be a major decorating trend for 2020. Patterns, especially clean, geometric ones, are a great way to draw the eye and create statement elements in any space. Whether you are looking to go big and loud or more subtle and classic, patterns can help you showcase your personal style! Be strategic about your use of bold patterns, though—this is one trend that can get a bit busy when overused.


We may be entering a new decade, but this retro trend is expected to make its way back into the limelight. Wallpaper allows homeowners to quickly and easily create texture, dimension and character in any room! From 3D prints, metallic finishes and color gradients to mix-and-match patterns, the options are endless with this design element. Whatever style you are looking to achieve, there is a wallpaper to suit it.

Home Offices

As remote working grows in popularity, homes are quickly becoming the new office space—your home office can be both functional and add to the aesthetic of your house. Creating a clean, bright space with natural elements can also help boost mood and increase your productivity from the comfort of your own home.

You can choose to dedicate a whole room as an office or incorporate functional designs into an existing space. This brings us to the next design trend expected to sweep homes in 2020.

Multi-Functional Designs

This year will likely bring an increased focus on functionality with designs created to maximize the practicality of the spaces in your home. Creative storage, multi-use furniture and other utility-focused design trends will help create rooms that are as stylish as they are useful. Hybrid spaces allow for your family to get even more use of the home you love so much!

Do these 2020 interior design trends have you feeling inspired to reimagine your ideal space? Perry Homes has just the place for you! Explore our new designs to find the perfect new home for you and your family!